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Hi. Thanks for responding. No the order was non-specific - scan by April of '24. My last chemo is in 2 days. I've been waiting for Osi since July after official histology (aggressive features) and EGFR mutation (rare variant) genetic results. So I could schedule it for between 8-12 weeks as per guidelines or prefering to just transfer care to another instituion/oncology team to find out when to get scan, when to start osi, and other issues that have not been addressed by current oncologist.
Thanks again for responding.
I will feel more confident once I get to a place that responds more appropriately.

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@justanotherpt, Many of us have likely experienced something similar. With the increase in specialized medicine, more targeted therapies, etc. treatment has become more complex. I have the ALK mutation, and my local oncologist is very good and I respect him as a general oncologist, but he's not an expert in ALK. After a new nodule was found (which has turned out to be benign, thankfully), I did request a referral to a thoracic oncologist that has other ALK patients. I know I'm fortunate to have access to great care and these experts when I need them.
Find care that you are confident and comfortable with, it makes such a difference.