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Good or best osteoporosis exercise book

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Many thanks, WS. I will order one and take a look at the site /videos soon.
Also, I am assuming that my 'regular' PT program (these are a group of doctor of physical therapy and their assistants for exercises one-on-one) while not geared to osteoporosis will be OK too. I'm pretty much at 'square one' due to not working out at all during 2020-now, just starting up in the last months. (I also do a few things at the gym).

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Replies to "Many thanks, WS. I will order one and take a look at the site /videos soon...."

Alexa- I am an OT and have worked with PT’s closely over years. While I love PT’s and use them a lot in my life. I will tell you that you SHOULD NOT ASSUME any and all are well versed in osteo treatment!! PT’s can provide a good overall strengthening , conditioning program , HOWEVER there certainly are specifics that should be taught, learned , and understood with osteoporosis specific treatment. I’m told you can find PT ‘s that have that understanding by going to your state PT Associations to inquire about that. All therapists are a generalist , but depending on interest and / or patient load gain specific skills to treat specific patients- ie Neurology , orthopedics, pediatrics, sports injuries, etc Good luck on your search!!