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Hi Jennifer, I hope you are well.

Going on 7 months post op and have completed 177 out of 180 four-hour daily bone growth stimulator sessions.

Have gone from wheelchair to Walker to Cane to just walking on my own. Pain free but still have PN in my hands and fingers. PT and OT in home five months and now twice a week outpatient. Working on strength and balance.

Considerable spasticity in shoulder area. Trying to avoid Tizanidine. Will ask about myofascial treatment next session.

I have Kailo and acti-patch on order. Wonder if they will do anything.

I am so glad I had the surgery. Recovery has been a long and difficult struggle but it is so worth the effort.

Thank you for all of your help.


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@hodinator Robert, that is fantastic news! You said you were going to walk again and you have! Of all the spine patients that I connect with here, I think your improvement is really the most remarkable and it changed your life. Congratulations! I know that was a lot of hard work in recovery and you should be very proud of your accomplishments. Thank you so much for your update. Going forward, I'm sure you will do what you need to do to maintain your strength.

I started back for some myofascial release again. My shoulders and neck get tight and I need to get it unstuck, but all in all, I'm doing well and riding my horse and painting. I also have thoracic outlet syndrome which causes this and it tends to turn my cervical vertebrae and affect my breathing because it is tighter on one side of my neck. I do a lot of the myofascial work at home if I can figure out how to stretch. It helps a lot, and it helps to break up tight surgical scar tissue. I periodically stretch out the incision scar in my neck and I have worked on the scars from my ankle fracture. I had some issues with my ankle fatiguing and collapsing, and that seems to be tied to scar tissue that creates tightness through the joint. Since I've worked on it, this doesn't happen so much anymore, and it allows the weaker side to get stronger because I am on it more when I don't need to sit down. My doctor gave me some Tizanidine, but I'd rather go to physical therapy and work out the kinks.

Keep on smiling...