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Severe Allergy to Paxlovid

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thank you. is there a typo in that contact?

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Yes sorry. ( LC brainfog). It is Mayo clinic connect joeswfl@joeswfl. Hope the 3 links for 3 articles help you.

@hral and @dmlindeman, it appears that this member has only shared information by private message, which is fine. I just caution to use good evaluation skill to determine if the information is from a trusted health authority. Be wary of any websites wanting to sell unproven products and miracle cures. I'm not saying that this is happening, it's just good practice to have a critical mind as well as an open mind. 🙂

This article might help:
- How To Evaluate Health Information on the Internet: Questions and Answers https://ods.od.nih.gov/HealthInformation/How_To_Evaluate_Health_Information_on_the_Internet_Questions_and_Answers.aspx