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Severe Allergy to Paxlovid

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Also have you seen a hematologist( tx MCAD's) or an immunologist ( not an allergist which you have already seen) or even a regular dermatologist. Do you have a LC clinic hear you? I have one in Seattle 40 miles north of me and have been trying to get in there for a long time( 4-18 months so far) and the wait list is long due to all of the patients trying to get in. They wont even tell me what kind of treatments they offer or will allow you to join their online support grp until after you have been seen even though my app has been accepted just waiting for an appointment.??? So glad to have found this online support grp. as I dont know anyone else with LC. Who knows?? The clinic might not do anything more than run some basic tests and tell you to eat healthy and exercise.??????

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Hey! no i haven't looked into those dr options. thank you for the suggestion. I never even considered this would be LC until yesterday, so i haven't done any searches on that front. UGH i feel rage for you with the wait AND zero info! how maddening!!! I'm so sorry!!! yup, i get the "here are some weight loss pills" and "prednisone" and "i can't help you, you're the 1%". the problem is i never had a problem with weight until i started taking all these pills! i was an athlete and now i don't even recognize myself. Sending Hugs and Hope!