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Hi Mllyster,

Sorry to hear about your problems- yikes!
I am not a doctor...
Have you seen a neurologist? Seems like it might be nerve pain. Maybe an orthorpedic doctor? I'm guessing that you have seen one or the other already, but asking just in case.

I have a bone spur at C7, which is just above the spot you mention (c6 T5). It causes tingling -- not quite pain-- in my left arm, hand, fingers. Only the left arm.

I did neck physical therapy, and it really helped the tingling in my hand and arm! They taught me stretches, good posture, work station set-up, and other stuff. The tingling comes back when I am not "good", but goes away when I am compliant.

Maybe one of your nerves got aggravated from the infection or surgery? Physical therapy might help.

I have done a lot of PT. I have found that I have to be really "obedient." I have to do everything they say-- or as close as I can get-- but the results have been wonderful. I have had to be patient, too, because the results for some body parts have taken a while, like months for my shoulder.

I hope you get some answers and you feel improvement soon! And my sincere sympathy about your situation.

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Hi Anne,
I have tried pretty much everything. Acupuncture, physical therapy, Bowen therapy, reflexology, and today I go for Block therapy and then start on their program from home. Everything that I read say that the nerves that would be affected should be in my upper body and arms. My pain and numbness starts from my butt down 1. Making a bowel movement difficult because I don’t know if I need to 2. Socks are a killer let alone shoes. Not fun with winter coming.
The last EMG testing with the neurologist, his comment at the end of the report was, “I do not have a great explanation for why symptoms have worsened over the last few months”
Thank you for reaching out