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I think you should be in good shape with that kind of health team contact. At least in the short run. If any concerns show up then the MD should be involved, or course.
My experience is, I think, exceptional. My PC was not so large but aggressive and escaped the capsule. One small spot showed up on a rib in an early scan.
My RARP followed by ADT using Lupron every 3 months is getting close to finishing a 24-month cycle.
This is all pretty standard but my MD in incredibly caring, thoughtful, patient, and thorough in our meetings. Even though mine is probably a very standard progression which he's repeated many times. He treats me like this is his first time as well.
Now, I usually see the NP first. She is most approachable and thorough as well. Then the Doc comes in and pretty much reviews everything and asks and probes for questions. Finally the nurse gives me the shot/s and I'm off and running.
I think I'm getting exceptional treatment so you gave me a chance to brag and maybe encourage you to engage your care team a bit more assertively if you do feel 'shunted'. My vote is to always feel like you're their only patient or at least very valued.
All the best for your successful battle against a nasty disease to get great quality of life.

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So, Bob, you're always seen by your *doctor*, not just a nurse.