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God Bless you All.
Your friend needs to make HIS OWN DECISION! Not the Doctors, they consult and know their Art And Practice, but He needs to fully, totally and unreservedly make that/those decisions so he is empowered by the decision and interventions; so when things change in His Life he knows it was and is his choice, what he thought and decided what was best for his function, health, family situation, relationships, longevity, sexuality, etc., whatever factor / factors are most important to him. Rather than, in his mind, saying, "Oh, Dr. So and So gave me the wrong information. I should have never done that!" And decreasing his energy and vitality, his gestalt to fight and to live. Good Luck. I know you will make the right decision for you! I know I made the right decision for me and my wife, I choose longevity over all other factors. I may not be happy with some of the losses I have had to, we, have had to undergo compared to our earlier (pre-pc) life, but the choice was mine and mine alone, and that is a good thing, in my mind and in my being. May your choice empower you throughout your lifespan. God Bless you and our Struggling World. And Many Thanks to all the Doctors and Researchers who's sacrifices, efforts and disciplined lives continue to improve our lives!

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Amen.....thank you.