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Post Covid weird symptoms

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I have cut out all of the foods that I had a reaction to and after 6 months, will try 1 food at a time and see if I have a reaction. If I don’t have a reaction, then I’ll add another food and so on. I also don’t have any taste or smell since I had Covid back in December of 2022. I’m currently trying acupuncture to try to regain my taste and smell.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean by LC. Can you explain what that means.

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LC is long Covid. I don’t like all the acronyms, but it seems to be a way of life now.


LC = long covid

I haven't had taste or smell since Feb 2020.
Virus had no official name yet then. I have long list of symptoms. Been to MayoCovidClinic. They ran multiple tests and blood work of course. No cure of course. Basically they outlined strategies to give my Covid inflamed brain&senses
necessary rest periods to heal. Easier said than done. I was always the energizer bunny and aerobics& power run/walker. I have some improved energy. But stress or overdoing an afternoon of errands will do me in....maybe even the next day. It taxes me to figure out math issues, or puzzle out problems in household.
I have learned to be content most of the time, but I sure miss my old dynamic me.