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I'm a year out and I always feel like there is a band around my knee. It hurts over the top of the knee and my upper thigh and it pulls. I've done PT for 3 months, went back about 4 months later for another 3 months of PT, stretch, water aerobics etc... nothing. It still remains and the more I do the worse it gets. I feel best wearing jeans as they have some compression so during the day I'm getting used to it but as soon as they come off at night it's really sore and stiff. I'm tired of it as well. However I do everything I did prior to surgery, my ROM is 120 or so, Dr. says all looks good yet the stiffness, soreness and band feeling remain. No clue why and I feel like there is something over the knee that I can feel pulling when I bend it and as I said gets worse the longer the day goes on. I wish it felt like it did when I first woke up.

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I have the exact same feeling I'm 7 months out of the right tkr and 5 months out of the left tkr. Now that I'm reading your story I don't feel that my knees may ever get rid of this feeling. I also have great ROM,I stretch and walk a lot at work. I wonder why we have this feeling, I just hope eventually it goes away for us both.