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Hello @lstill. I second what @seniormed has shared in that your surgeon will likely assess the wound area when removing the wood splinter and prescribe the appropriate treatment for post-op care. Like @seniormed mentioned, many providers and studies show that being more strategic with how and when we use antibiotics is needed to maintain their effectiveness long term.

@lstill, is there a known infection currently? Have you discussed this with your surgeon? Things can change quickly as there is always the possibility things look different once any surgery starts. Have you discussed all the outcomes depending on what they find when they remove the splinter?

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The wood shard was off of a 4x8 sheet of OSB plywood I was cutting to put in the bottom of a boat floor...I got an antibiotic 6 days after it happened at the walk in clinic and week later it was fine....my body encapsulated the wood in scar tissue and am sure that it also contains some of the pathogenic organisms. That is my concern removing it by a surgeon without antibiotics it may allow the infected tissue to generate a smoldering infection after removal