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Post colon resection abdominal hernia

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I had my initial colon resection in May 2019. I had three other abdominal surgeries (two open one laporoscopic) within a six month period that same year. In March it April of 2020, I noticed a bulge forming in my umbilical area, and one on the midline. It continued to get bigger. I had my regularly scheduled CT and they noted a decent sized umbilical hernia and diastais recti along with incisional hernia. Because i had a history of complications from surgery and had just survived sepsis (was in a medically induced coma and hospitalized for 6 weeks) a lot of surgeons were reluctant. I went to a general surgeon who is very skilled and had done my gall bladder surgery. She recommended not waiting as it continues to get bigger and can often make repair impossible. I had a complete abdominal reconstruction in June 2021. I would not wait too long because they don’t go away, just get worse. I would see a general surgeon who specializes in hernia repair or a skilled general surgeon.

It also is super beneficial to make sure you are in good physical shape and don’t have a lot of excess weight and it makes recovery harder. An abdominal binder can help with supporting your abdomen too

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@lisag03, you really have been through a lot. Thank you for sharing you experience. I needed to hear how hernias only get bigger, and will NOT go away. I'm going to schedule another opinion with a surgeon specializing in hernias.