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Post colon resection abdominal hernia

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I had my lower anterior resection in April, and the reversal of my ileostomy about 1 month ago. About 2 days ago I started getting a burning pain whenever I lifted anything heavy, or beared down. There is a slight protuberance, but that might just be scar tissue or still healing? I texted my surgery team and they said it may just be the incision site regaining lost feeling.
How did you know you had a hernia? My surgeon is 2 hours away, or I would just go in on Monday and have it checked.
Thanks in advance!

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I remembered my surgeon's warning at the last follow up visit after surgery. He said, "You don't want a hernia at the incision site.... No lifting or straining on the toilet." Well, when I noticed the area around my incision site added another two inches to my waist and was firm, I got worried. It didn't go away with any weight fluctuation, but DID disappear when I laid down. After a little over a month, I was examined by my surgeon and he confirmed I had an incision site hernia. He said he would repair it laparoscopically. He warned that if it got larger, the intestines could break through and cause more serious issues that would require emergency surgery. The choice.... do the repair while small, or take the chance of it growing and causing more serious issues.

In the meantime he said to wear an abdominal binder (girdle!) to support the abdominal wall, especially at the gym or while doing anything strenuous. He also told me to take Metamucil twice a day to keep from straining.

I'm leaning toward getting it done sooner than later.... bummer! Best wishes!

I was told a hernia is soft and squishy. I had an incisional seroma which is a pocket of fluid that builds up under the incision. It hurt like you know what! Was a hard lump. So it could be either, but def get it looked at!

18 months later, I still have my ileostomy. My reversal date is Nov 9th - soon! My hernia is quite evident in the way that side of my abdomen sticks out more than the other. My surgeon will repair the hernia at the same time as he does the reversal - by sutures, no mesh. He did, however, say that it is common for hernias to recur and if that happened he would refer me to a hernia repair specialist.
It sounds like your protruding is a worrisome sign and I personally would make the effort to get it addressed sooner, rather than later. Mine has only grown larger and more painful over time……. good luck!