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Question about PMR pain locations

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Welcome @papasrockyworld, It is definitely a great feeling when that first dose of prednisone kicks in and forces what I call Mr. Ugly into hiding. I'm hoping the pain will stay away when you start tapering off of prednisone. Many of us struggle with tapering and trying to taper too much and too fast to get off of prednisone. You mentioned it has also given you a giant appetite for food. I think that may be one of the warning flags for some of us with the weight gain side effect of prednisone.

There are a couple of other discussions you might find helpful in your PMR journey:
--- PMR Dosages and Managing Symptoms: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/pmr-dosages/
--- When and How to Taper Prednisone: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/when-and-how-to-taper-prednisone/

One suggestion that I think could help is to keep a daily log with your level of pain/aches when you get up in the morning along with your dosage of prednisone for that day. Has your rheumatologist suggested a tapering schedule for you?

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When I was diagnosed I went on a Vegan diet. Coupled with no oil, gluten or dairy and nothing with a high PH. I gained no weight. In fact, I lost 40lbs and am healthier than I have ever been. This way of life could solve the weight gain. It will also help restore the gut biome and heal the stomach wall which can be essential to having your PMR symptoms go away. Not to mention assist in prednisone reduction.

I have had some pain on one side but not the other. Mostly though it has been symmetrical. Pain migration is very common with PMR just like RA.

@john In a lot of pain today. Tapering down to 6.5 but upped it to 7 and no relief. I have worked so hard to get down to 6. Prednisone has led to high diabetic numbers which I am being treated for. Should I go higher like 10? Hate to do it, though.