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handera: I had somewhat similar numbers, 3+4, contained to prostate and 10.2 psa. I took the Decipher test to get a feel for aggressiveness and # of modes of treatments suggested. I was also given the same choices. I spoke with 5 radiation oncologists, 3 from centers of excellence.

I was asking the same question about AS. My feeling was that even with testing psa every 1-3 months it might catch something that moves beyond the prostate but I did not want to take that chance. No doctor was able to give stats or any information that helped me come to the conclusion that the cancer would be caught early before any spread. For me, it was not worth the risk. The treatments thereafter, for spreading, were too invasive, if one had the side effects. Anecdotally, those that are in the best shape physically seem to have better side effect results from hormone treatments. My brother was not as lucky and his spread and he had great doctor care in New York city. Everyone is different, of course, and it is a tough decision but whatever your decision, I hope you end up saying what many have said/insinuated on this web site, I would not have done anything different.

I had 5 hypo fractional treatments in February. All good for now. I found the prep work for the biopsy, the biopsy itself (though I was out for it) and the insertion of spaceoar (out for that too) more obtrusive than the 5 bouts of HIGHLY targeted radiation with narrow margins.

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bens1: Thanks for your comments! I'm just one week into being given the news that I have prostate cancer, so please understand the following comments in light of my "cancer revelation".

I'm an engineer who spent a 40+ year career in research and development and now I'm one week into researching a subject that is new to me...but I know how to perform research! So far, it seems to me that there is no "standard of care" PC treatment that provides a "cure" without SIGNIFICANT consequences.

Before my fusion biopsy I had absolutely no symptoms (elevated PSA), now I'm sore from having 21 needles poked into my prostate - my only (new) symptoms! From the research papers, books and sources I have read during this short time, it appears that even the best RP treatment will involve at least a week of catheterization, a minimum of 2-3 months of incontinence - possibly lasting as long as 18 months - and an 6-8% change of permanent incontinence...AND a ~70% chance of ED 2 years after RP! All this makes AS (at my stage, having no symptoms other than a sore prostate due to a biopsy) sounds quite appealing!

I'm exploring radiation treatments, but I having difficulty getting over "the idea of poisoning my way back to health" (as one source put it). In any case, I appreciate your comments and that you are happy with your treatment decision. I'll probably be further down the road of "acceptance" of this diagnosis after I've had more time to absorb its impact and I'm further down the road regarding my own research.