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I am a 91years old female. I have decided that I am ready to leave planet earth. I don't take any prescription drugs, just some supplements. I will not have any surgery or CPR. I have no pain but I feel tired most of the time...sleep well and enjoy afternoon naps. I don't have many friends or family left. I think I have had a remarkable life. Married for 56 years, raised 3 successful kids. I don't want to be a burden to them and I don't want to go into a care facility either but I think I am alone too much.. I don't want full-time live-in help either. I guess I've become a cranky old lady. Do you have any suggestions? I live in a condo, cook my own meals, do my laundry etc. I have a cleaning service once a month. financially independent, etc.

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You sound like a remarkable person, @seniorladyincanada. Congratulations on your full life. It is understandable that you need some companionship. We all need that, no matter our age or station in life.

While you still seem to be quite independent, you do not mention if you still drive. If you do, have you considered looking for a group you could join at a senior center or at the local library. I really enjoy reading and I belong to two book discussion clubs. I love to listen to the insights and thoughts of others as we all have read the same book.

What other interests do you have that might lead to interaction with others or social groups?

I think u r doing great. I am on utube and look up all sorts pf subjects. Other than reaching out continuously to meet others, I have increased