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Hi everyone,
We (my teenager and I) were recently at Mayo for eval on multiple symptoms/conditions. We have excellent medical coverage, with behavioral health covered equally. Our insurance covered everything in network.

Two MDs recommended Mayo's Pain Rehabilitation Program: https://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/pain-rehabilitation-center/sections/featured-programs/gnc-20481713.

My teen wants to do it because, well, medicine alone isn't going to fix things. I don't want to lose this momentum/opportunity for my kid to start feeling better and living a more regular life.

Insurance said $30,000 of the program isn't covered. I was told the coding Mayo is using is the issue.

I can't afford $30K. Not sure if financial assistance would be worth applying for. Anyone have experience with that?

and any suggestions on the coverage/coding issue?


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Hi @kari3057, I can see that you are concerned about coverage to be able to take advantage of Mayo Clinic's Pain Rehab program. You posted multiple messages in several groups, which I have merged into one discussion that appears in the Chronic Pain, Depression & Anxiety and Visiting Mayo Clinic support groups simultaneously. That way you don't have to monitor 3 different discussions.

The best ways to get direct answers about billing and coding related to Mayo Clinic and your insurance is to contact Mayo's Billing & Insurance department on Monday https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide/billing-insurance/contact-us

In the meantime, let me connect you with other graduates of the Pain Rehab Center (PRC) at Mayo, like @rwinney @sophiaaa @skier @boltz7555 and others so they can share their experiences both with paying for the program as well as their outcomes.

Which location are you and your son hoping to attend?