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Will I ever fully get over anxiety?

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Oct 31, 2023 | Replies (19)

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I had terrible anxiety. I started just doing cardio like an elliptical. It may just be me but my whole personality changed afterword (so odd) I was talking (which I don’t) and doing things I would never do. It was the idk endorphins or seratonin, dopamine…idk what. But I was happy. And this was just after one workout I think everyone is different. I figured out I have to exercise and most people do to maintain a good feeling. It’s the oddest thing in the world. I feel drunk after I workout just the chemicals that are released are to me seem magical and it also helps
U lose weight. And I’m not a buff. I just know because i I couldn’t take my regualr Effexor and my panic came back. I thought I was done with it. I would wake up my heart beating fast and I’m sweaty. And I can’t go back to sleep cuz my heart is beating too fast. And I know what it is I thought I try not exercising…my dog died. I didn’t want to. I have a new pup now. I still don’t want to go. I’m signing back up to the gym 2 minutes from me.
I’ll use any excuse not to go. If
It’s far that’s perfect excuse. Good luck. U may not need my advice…everyone is different…but I have to not just walk but I need hard physical activity because I push and kick and sweat the problems out of my system.
And it works. For me. I feel like a different person. Just my thoughts.

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Sorry about your pooch. I lost a kitty two months ago and am still grieving.

I have to use dynamite to get my sorry butt out for a walk....just plain lazy. But, I can't ever remember a time where I wasn't glad I got the exercize. The endorphine release is always worth the trouble.

24 hours of feeling great for 1 hour of strain is a pretty good ROI.