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Wife has stage 4 MCRC spread to liver, peritoneum and adrenal glands. 12 days ago had “emergency” surgery for obstruction. Surgeon said the colon tumor was adhered to her bladder and the other tumors were adhered to her intestines. There was no flexibility or “slack” for him to do a normal colostomy because everything is now basically stuck together. Anyone had this and survived. Trying to determine how serious it is and if more chemo would be effective.

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This sound beyond serious and I am so so sorry. I will be praying for your wife. I would not focus on how much time she has to survive this, but on making memories and drawing closer to each other thru this and God. Miracles happen every day. I have not yet heard of a case to this degree. I am sorry I can’t be helpful! I know it’s a scary thing. I have stage 3c, but nothing went to other organs. Radiation is what shrinks tumors. Did they say anything about that? I pray you have a support system at home and a wonderful church family like I have to to help get you guys thru this. But it’s very serious. No getting around it. 😔❤️

Commenting here to say I'm also sorry and I don't know what else to do other than to pray. There are no words. Hopefully someone who is more helpful can comment further.

I'll follow up on this discussion - I have prayed and will continue pray for you and your wife. Sometimes, we don't even know what to pray for - but the Holy Spirit prays on our behalf.

Please update us. Thanks.

Still in the hospital, due to an infection and low blood pressure, was in the ICU for 4 days and got flooded with fluids and antibiotics. She has 60lbs of water retained and is so swollen it is blistering and seeping out of her skin everywhere. Oncology won’t even talk to us until she gets out of the hospital, which is very disappointing. Feel a bit abandoned by them.