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Stage3b Prostrate cancer

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May 2021 my PSA was over 5. My urologist did a digital exam and said he felt something hard on the left side of my prostate. I had a biopsy done where 12 cores were removed and they came back negative. September 2022 my PSA was over 7 so I had another biopsy done by the same urologist. Guess what, I came back with stage 4 prostate cancer. I asked the urologist how that could be and he said in the first biopsy in May 2021 he only tested the left side where he felt something hard during the digital exam. Who the hell doesn't test the whole prostate? I asked my cancer doctor and he said the whole prostate should have been biopsied in May 2021. I had 9 weeks of 5 days a week of radiation treatments and my PSA is 0.32 and I have been on Lupron shots quarterly for about a year.

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I am in Thailand living now for 10 years. Doctors are good here but I have to say when my PSA went from ,4, 3.1, 4.1, 4.3 he just said watch it with the annual physical. Well, this last one came back 6,9 and had the biopsy, came back all cores cancer, my Gleason was 8, had the surgery, awful chit, but after he took out many lymph nodes and the prostate, Gleason downgraded to a 7 and that was 3 months ago so first blood work is soon and praying for a 0, if above this
have to have a PMSA Pet Scan and if any spots found where prostate was, I am on Lupron for a year or longer, if a spot is found outside where the prostate was, I will do Targeted Beam Radiation for sometime as it poisons it and it dies and have to do fast as the spot would have been pin pointed. I feel the Internist that does all my physicals was very BAD not to move me to a Biopsy when my PSA moved above 4. Kind of pisses me off. I had only 1 3 month Lupron and it messed me up.