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Not exactly the same but my diagnosis is definitely worth "googling". I had left side numbness in 2020 which went up my side and resloved going down the same path in about 15 min, hospital MRIs, CT scan, blood work, carotid artery scans all came back fine I was sent home with TIA diagnosis. a few months later I had left side face numbness for 15 min then a few weeks after that left side hand numbness that traveled from thumb to finger and then resolved in the same manner. Fast forward to 2023 when I had a right side episode that did involve my face and speech but traveled up the body and resolved traveling down all in about 20min. Same diagnosis (TIA) at a different hospital. Two weeks later it happened again, went to a more well known hospital where I got a lot of testing including angiogram of brain. Still nothing found however I am now diagnosed with possible CAA (Cerebral amyloid angiopathy). It's not well known. I went to Mayo clinic here in FL and the neruologist agreed with diagnosis. It can be verified with a brain biopsy but that's not worth the risk according to the Dr. I am on anti seizure (Keppra) meds. I tested neg for seizures through multiple EEGs however the Keppra does seem to be keeping the "episodes" at bay. I am going to Mass. Gen Hospital in March (earliest appt. available) because they actually have a unit devoted to CAA trying to pinpoint causes and possible cures.

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Thank you @suemaltais
He has another neurologist appt tomorrow and I will bring it up. If you don’t mind me asking, did/do you ever have any chronic symptoms like fogginess, fatigue, tingling after these events?