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Post Thyroidectomy for Thyroid Cancer Follow up

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Thanks @lbrockme I do have a follow up every 4 months at this point. I had 80mc radio iodine therapy 1.5 years back and follow up 3mc radio iodine scan after 6 months of the therapy and it was ok. And recently had a ultrasound scan which did show mildly thickened lymph nodes with no suspicious masses in the neck. so now following the regular 4 months checkup with Thyroglobulin measured every twice a year without stopping medicine. Is it mandatory to do a radio iodine scan every year for such cases.

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It really depends on all the factors together... your original cell type how aggressive does it usually respond... what your success is at suppressing new thyroid growth and how your other levels are showing how active the thyroid is. If they are all stable then your doctor may opt to just monitor, do a pet scan etc. Whatever they suggest, ask them what factors made them recommend that so you can have input on the decision. It's important early on to watch closely to see how things are reacting... I know a scan is disruptive to quality of life for a month or two... but if indicators are showing your cell activity is increasing, it is worth it to me to know for sure. Hopefully you feel confidant in your medical team to work with you. I Find Drs really try to follow your lead on how involved you want to be. Some people, Like myself
want to learn as much as possible... good ,or bad, and be part of the decision making. For others its too stressful and the prefer finding a doctor they trust and allowing them to lead, guide and handle the tough decisions. I get more stressed if im not involved and frankly I refuse to be stressed all the time. Certainly write your questions down as they come up and ask them at your next appt. Suggest that you keep doing things that make you happy, that you enjoy. That builds your health and resilience. Hoping this helps and your day is absolutely joyful and blessed.