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Violent Vomiting every single morning

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Hi mom,

It's been 2 months since starting the medicines and diet? Seems to me that you should tell the doctor that there are still symptoms, soon.

Congratulations to your husband for quitting the drink. What a battle he has won! There's lots of alcoholism/heavy drinking in my family. It's a [insert every bad word you know here.] He has fought a beast and stabbed it in the heart. Good for him!!! He deserves great praise. And so do you.

It occurs to me: Do you think he might be embarrassed that the drink may have caused his health problems? Well, I think most people would admire him for quitting and then for getting the help he needs. He should be proud of himself now, not embarrassed.

Some folks in my family have gotten support from AA. Maybe your husband could try a local meeting to help him stay off the stuff long term.

Shoot, I just had a bad thought. Does he have a bottle hidden someplace? Some of the anti-alcohol medications purposely make you throw up, if you take a drink. I really, really hope that I am wrong about this, but the doctor would need to know in order to give the correct treatment. After one of my relatives passed, we found bottles stashed away in hiding places. I'm so sorry to bring this up.

Get him back to the doctor soon. Good luck!

All males, please stop reading past here [joking]

OMG, why won't these men go to a doctor??? My husband drives me crazy about it!! Maybe show him the bill for the ER and the bill for an office appointment.

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Thank you for responding! He finds old hidden empty bottles which are great reminders of where we both have come from! I went to Alanon f p r years also a family heavy with the disease but he's just not a meeting person. He believes staying busy always on the run, batting serious things off me is working for him now. I'll slip in a step in there when I see it fits the conversation but 18 months so far doing well. Oh, his last year drinking vodka was absolute he'll. He would vomit the minute he took a sip, and would take 2 grs to keep a drink down then oroceed to drink all day and do ig over and over. Then they began treating him in rehab and it did slow down for a few months but came back. This week was good (knock on wood) strict low fat diet and about 10 different belly pills. There scheduling another upper endoscopy end of November to see where we are at. But thanks for the concern. Relapse never leaves the back of my head.