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Has anyone been given Trodelvy?

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Hi @sam2020 and @jknows, I'm tagging fellow members @onemaster @spooz2 and @jessi684422 who I think may have experience with Trodelvy (sacituzumab govitecan-hziy) treatment, albeit now for breast cancer.

Kris, did your wife decide to go on Trodelvy?
@jknows, did you decide to go on the trial?

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My wife, Jenny, decided that she will not be pursuing chemo. I support her decision, and we will move forward with quality of life being most important. She struggled with this decision, so she went on a spiritual retreat to guide her.

I also decided not to go into the trial. Prayed fervently for wisdom and also asked a lot of questions and I simply did not feel like it was right for me. The fact my triple negative is also lobular (not ductal) entered into the decision. So tired of being lumped in with ductal triple negative with no effort to look at outcomes separately. Someday they will have targeted therapy for TNLBC, but it is, unfortunately, not this day!!