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Steam cleaning carpets?

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Oct 23, 2023 | Replies (10)

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I can tell you after 10 years, it is totally unnecessary to use anything other than the distilled water. The steam is an excellent cleaner and disinfectant without anything else (it even cleans dried kibble, icing and cookie dough off the wood floor.) Heating any of the above substances to steam creates volatile chemicals in the air and on the surfaces. By the way, white vinegar is not recommended by either the guys who installed and finished out wood floors or by the manufacturer of our sold vinyl plank flooring.
So, I save a fortune on cleaning products and keep the air cleaner too. Even when I spot clean with a cloth, I use just water as much as possible. Maybe sometimes a drop of soap if I have spilled grease.

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oohhhhKAY. Think I've got it.

Here is another one; have you explored phage
therapy or the Jewish Clinic's work with MAC?
do you walk out doors without a mask when it is not windy? what kind of mask do you use? because I am 85 and have both copd, bronchiectasis, and strongly suspected MAC, I
keep myself in a bubble: we are moving to a small rural community where we have owned a sweet historic and carefully updated home for years. I can't wait to get out of the city. I miss
gardening so much, it has been hard, but I do a
minimal amount and that helps.

There is no one here, including my doctors and nurses, who are really interested (or knowledgeable?? ) or have the time for details; when your time is short you want to make the very best of it and know what you are doing to your odds by taking some well-educated chances. For instance: my body craves swimming. I know I can't. This move is incredibly difficult for us physically as we both have substantial physical issues and can't get any help.
Stay with me, Sue! Thank you.