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My wife began going to bed very early in early 2022, like 2 or 3 in the afternoon and sleeping for 11 or 12 hours. Clearly this was not normal. She also expected me to go to bed at the same time; this was a source of constant arguments. Her short term memory was clearly failing. Then I discovered that bill she normally paid were not getting paid. There were a couple of bizarre behavioral incidents that caused me to call our PCP. He ordered a MRI of her brain and blood tests. The MRI was inconclusive but he referred her to a neurologist. The blood test revealed a dangerous drop in her blood sodium levels and he referred her to a nephrologist. The neurologist did an in-office cognitive test, which she failed, after which he referred her to a neuropsychologist for a thorough exam. Over the course of the next few months, the neuropsych exam concluded that she had the beginnings of Alzheimer's dementia, and the nephrologist determined that she had a syndrome that was affecting her blood sodium, which has significant cognitive effects. The end result is that she takes sodium chloride tablets twice a day, which has brought her blood sodium levels to close to normal, and the neurologist has her on 10 mg Aricept. Both of these have significantly improved her short term memory, but it is still problematic, and she still sleeps a lot. However, we now know what we're dealing with and responding accordingly. BTW, she totally accepts her diagnosis, and we are working together to do things to compensate for her memory issues, and have done all the necessary legal work to establish trusts, wills and powers of attorney.

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I did not know that sleeping a lot was part of the early symptoms. Good golly, we've been in this longer than I thought. Husband was needing super long stretches of sleep back as far as 2015-2016....could even have been earlier. He'd go to bed by 8:00 or 9:00 at night and sleep until noon the next day. Keep sharing people, I have much to learn.