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I was just wondering about both you and Stacey (above) what your ER+ PR+ percentages were and if they were low I could understand forgoing the AI treatments. I am also 74 but mine were both 100% fueled by hormones, so I am really torn. At my age I have rheumatoid arthritis already and there are days I can hardly walk. Yet I trudge on with the AI treatments. What would YOU do? I would love to leave them in the dust!

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My ER+ 90; PR+10-50. I guess one needs to be comfortable with not knowing. The best data I have seen for recurrence 5 years is 5% on AI; 15% off hormone RX.
I’m sure you can find other numbers supporting or not it’s just a personal decision. I would rather( I think) live comfortably for a few shorter years then uncomfortable and unhappy for several on hormone therapy.

Hi I face this decision now. I was a "low" 15% estrogen positive, stage 0, grade 3 DCIS- in Situ. Clean margins, no lymph node involvement.
68 years old, no history of BC. Oncologist said calcifications were probably caused by the bio-identical hormones I was on.
Who knows what to do?
All of a sudden you have BC and have all these decisions to make with no frame of reference.
We research and do the best we can 🙂

My MO doubled my OncotypeDx recurrence score when I asked the risk for no AI but yes to radiation. I don’t know if this is actually a formula but it was within 2% of the answer from my radiation oncologist!