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Steam cleaning carpets?

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We use a very simple Shark brand stick type steam mop, with a tank right on the unit - no hoses, pumps, etc to worry about. Ours is close to 10 years old and has never been a problem, we routinely clean 500 sf of wood and ceramic tile flooring with it, plus an occasional run over a small stone floor. This is house often run through by kids and pets, so it gets a pretty good workout. No heavy dirt though, except in the entryway - we are a shoeless household. We have a second unit we have been using for over 5 years to clean 350 sf of solid vinyl laminate floor in our winter home.
We have always followed the directions to use distilled water, my sister had issues using tap (well) water and it not running well after a couple years. The $2 or so a month for water is a cheap cleaning solution - no soaps, detergents, waxes, etc needed - just 2-3 new pads a year (under $20 online.)

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Sue, thanks so much. A big help.


Hopefully the last question: why no cleaning soap or solution? I usually clean everything with a mix of
water, white vinegar, grapefruit seed oil, tea tree oil, , etc. I could understand the few drops of oil might cause the machine a problem? but white vinegar is such a good cleaner....