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Thank you …just described my situation and exactly my treatment. Stopped the AI after 8 weeks of side effects deciding that I do not want to spend the next 5 years miserable or even slightly miserable. I’m thankful that at my age (74) I can make that decision without guilt, however not sure what track I would have decided on 20 years ago.
Again thank you for your post I find on this site so many different pathways, opinions and medical approaches. I wish there was more standard of care out there in the BC universe.

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@jlgc I totally agree with your comment, especially wishing for more standard of care out there on BC universe. I realize that BC cases & ppl are All different, but some treatments/surgery recommendations are 180 out, from one dr to a second opinion dr. We must advocate for ourselves, educate ourselves to make informed decisions for ourselves. Mayo Clinic forums & others are the basis for this education. Thank you @colleenyoung for guiding this forum.

I was just wondering about both you and Stacey (above) what your ER+ PR+ percentages were and if they were low I could understand forgoing the AI treatments. I am also 74 but mine were both 100% fueled by hormones, so I am really torn. At my age I have rheumatoid arthritis already and there are days I can hardly walk. Yet I trudge on with the AI treatments. What would YOU do? I would love to leave them in the dust!