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It’s is import to look at quality vs quantity. Do you want to live 20 years “living “ with the aftermath of conventional treatment ? Or 19 years thriving with alternative treatment? This is all dependent on YOU.
Don’t look at any person and think I want what they have. You will have your own outcome based on your body and your support system
Suzanne’s insight opened my eyes to get second opinions and I’m glad I did. I read her book before I was diagnosed. I was strictly looking for menopause help. Years later I was diagnosed and pushed into the assembly line of treatment. I remember her story and how she knew the traditional route would kill her (or shorten her happiness). It took a lot of strength and money but I did get second opinions and was given partial radiation and I’m not on hormone blockers. All backed by western medicine not holistic herbs or remedies. I had stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma with clear margins and not her+. The “best”kind of cancer to get because of the high survival rate. But I was pushed into aggressive treatment. One dr even said mastectomy!! Definitely not a wise treatment in my case.

Do what is best for YOU and if it wasn’t a celebrity but YOU were the one telling others what worked for YOU. I would hope your story would empower others to seek out and listen to the best doctors they can find to help them with their journey

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Thank you …just described my situation and exactly my treatment. Stopped the AI after 8 weeks of side effects deciding that I do not want to spend the next 5 years miserable or even slightly miserable. I’m thankful that at my age (74) I can make that decision without guilt, however not sure what track I would have decided on 20 years ago.
Again thank you for your post I find on this site so many different pathways, opinions and medical approaches. I wish there was more standard of care out there in the BC universe.

If Somers did say in essence that the options are 20 years of living with the "aftermath" of conventional treatment or 19 years of thriving with alternative treatment, that is a logical fallacy known as a false dichotomy and assumes facts not in evidence. Outcomes are diverse and can be anything on a spectrum from cure to death. 1) Somers, in fact, mixed conventional treatments, like surgery and its many risks, with alternative treatments. There's a reason surgeons make you acknowledge risks and sign releases. 2) Bioidentical hormones are, in fact, chemicals, regardless of their derivation, cooked up by humans who are, one hopes, trained chemists who engage in best scientific practices. In the law, there is science, and then there is inadmissible junk science, with factors laid out in long-standing case law to determine which is which. 3) That said, I'm for everybody in this tough situation making their own choices for themselves, so Godspeed. There are unknowns no matter how you choose to address your own breast cancer, or we would all be much clearer about about what course would lead to the best outcome. Your body, your choice.

Same here, lumpectomy and now in radiation and tried anastrazole for 1 week and I just can't deal with the side effects. The radiation oncologist said that anastrazole doesn't just help prevent new breast cancer but other cancers. My menopause is so bad before the diagnosis I am considering even going back on hormones but finding someone who supports that is almost impossible.