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I was thinking the exact same thing! As someone who treated an aggressive cancer with lumpectomy, radiation, AI but no chemo I am finding this heartening! No way I can live another twenty years in any case but this was a good outcome. I don't use anything "alternative" as not my lifestyle but I'm guessing maybe the conventional therapies she did do worked well for her. Sometimes I think human beings can swept away by the idea of "fighting" and "failure." Death is a natural and inevitable conclusion to biological life--whether to a tree, an ant, or a person. It is no kind of personal disgrace and no one is to blame.

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It’s is import to look at quality vs quantity. Do you want to live 20 years “living “ with the aftermath of conventional treatment ? Or 19 years thriving with alternative treatment? This is all dependent on YOU.
Don’t look at any person and think I want what they have. You will have your own outcome based on your body and your support system
Suzanne’s insight opened my eyes to get second opinions and I’m glad I did. I read her book before I was diagnosed. I was strictly looking for menopause help. Years later I was diagnosed and pushed into the assembly line of treatment. I remember her story and how she knew the traditional route would kill her (or shorten her happiness). It took a lot of strength and money but I did get second opinions and was given partial radiation and I’m not on hormone blockers. All backed by western medicine not holistic herbs or remedies. I had stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma with clear margins and not her+. The “best”kind of cancer to get because of the high survival rate. But I was pushed into aggressive treatment. One dr even said mastectomy!! Definitely not a wise treatment in my case.

Do what is best for YOU and if it wasn’t a celebrity but YOU were the one telling others what worked for YOU. I would hope your story would empower others to seek out and listen to the best doctors they can find to help them with their journey