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Any help from muscle relaxants?

Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) | Last Active: Oct 23, 2023 | Replies (17)

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Thank you! This is all very helpful. My ortho could not (or would not) prescribe steroids because he said it hadn't been clinically diagnosed. I also have sciatic issues which is why I first saw an ortho. I wish he'd been as helpful as yours! The pain is getting steadily worse and some morning I don't think I'll make it out of bed. Counting the hours till I see the rheumatologist. Maybe I'll try my PCP...

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I would get in with your PCP ASAP. One of the things I learned personally and in this group, is that PMR comes on SUDDENLY! When I went to my ortho, on June 7th, it was for pain and stiffness on a 3/10 scale in the morning. It then built a bit over a week and wouldn't go away. We did the 6-pack a week later (June 13-18) and by the 21st I was back up to a 4/10 level. Saw my PCP on the 26th and was at 5/10 level in the morning and 4/10 in the evening. Started on the Meloxicam on the 27th and by July 3, no relief with a constant 7+/10 all day. Called PCP on the 3rd, but didn't get a return call until the 5th, when the 20mg prednisone was started. As I said, pain eased in hours and except for couple of "baby flares" when reducing my pred, all has been good since.

Another thing I learned on this site is that since we are researching so much trying to find answers, we may know more about this "curse" than many doctors. I was lucky that mine figured it out fairly quickly. But I believe we need to be more persistent with our providers to listen to us.

From what I've read/researched, is PMR diagnosis is difficult as it does not present any outward clues. We have inflammation in our joints, but there is no swelling and blood test inflammation markers may be normal. I'm not sure why my ortho decided to check mine, but am glad he did and my PCP was able to use that.

Good luck!