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Any help from muscle relaxants?

Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) | Last Active: Oct 23, 2023 | Replies (17)

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Hi and thanks for info. I had thought of each of these diseases that mimic PMR. None of them fit. And the orthopedist wouldn't prescribe a steroid until the disease is clinically diagnosed.

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I started with an ortho because I thought my issues started with back pain/sciatic issues (which I do have). He took x-rays and blood tests. X-ray were all normal, but inflammation markers were high. About a week later, after increasing pain, he gave me an Rx for a 6-pack of methylprednisolone and a referral for a rheumatologist (minimum 2 months out). It started working in hours and felt great throughout the 6-day period. First day after the stiffness and pain returned and got worse over several days. So not wanting to wait 2 months, I went to my new PCP and my inflammation markers were even higher. At first they thought it was RA and gave me an RX for Meloxicam. It did nothing and pain got worse to the extent I was laid flat for a week and could barely get out of bed. Called my PCP and got an Rx for 20mg of prednisone. Within a few hours was feeling better and fairly normal within in a couple of days. They came to the conclusion it was PMR and I'm glad they did, as it was confirmed by my rheumy.

If possible, I would see if the ortho (or your PCP) could get you an Rx for a 6-pack and see how that goes. I don't relish being on prednisone, but it does work and am working on tapering cautiously.

Good luck!