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Thank you for getting back with me - I appreciate it. I'm hoping the GI sheds more light on this. I did go to the ER today and they did a CT scan of my abdomen and nothing of significance was found. They chalked it up to a "weird virus". This isn't helping me much, but at least this is ruling out some issues. The bloodwork at the hospital pointed to anemia due to lack of Vitamin B so that was a bit surprising since I've been getting the injections. I have a suspicion this was all building up. I will look into the type of Vitamin B for sure.

I do know that each week, there is about a 10% improvement compared to the prior week but it's still difficult to function.

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Seems it takes 90 days for B12 to work completely, since that is the lifespan of a red blood cell. A 10% improvement shows it’s working, so don’t give up!

They could be referring to your iron levels . Did they check your iron levels? What was your Hemoglobin level? Also as I mentioned there are other iron tests that can be done. I would ask the Doctor what they were referring to. In addition to that my advice in to continue with the B12 injections . They wanted to cut mine back but luckily I have a good hematologist and he honered my wish to continue with weekly injections. Keep us posted! I hope you are feeling better!!