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I’m so sorry I know this feeling so well. I’m not sure why you are not feeling better but I would continue with the form of B12 you also were doing on your own. It’s ok to do both. B12 is water soluble so you cannot take too much . You will Pee out what your body don’t use. And yes you may have other things going on. How bout a full iron panel? Not just a hemoglobin blood test. Also your ferritin and folate level. Also you should be taking folic acid when taking B12 because they work together. And if you haven’t done so yet get a complete thyroid panel done.

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Thank you so much for the response. They have checked my thyroid as well as folate levels, and those seemed ok. I will be visiting a holistic institute next week and it sounds like they may be able to advise on some of the different vitamins, and even food allergies. I'm thinking it's related to poor absorption. I used to take Vitamin B in the past and then stopped a couple years ago, not really understanding what it was it was for. I then noticed a lot of neurological symptoms over the last few months and thankfully, those seem to be improved. So there must be a connection.

Is the folic acid something that comes as an individual supplement?