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@nicolez123 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! I’m glad you found us. I included the link to Mayo information
On vitamin deficiency anemia. It says that vit-B-12 deficiency is the main cause. Did you doctor find this because of your symptoms? The main causes of the deficiency are poor diet and poor absorption in the gut.
You are probable scheduled with a GI specialist in order to find out if you have poor absorption.
I would also encourage you to talk with your doctor about the liquid vit B-12. There are many different brands with differing amounts of vit B12 in them.
Let’s wait for other members with your same health condition to respond to you.
Did your doctor talk about what the anemia means for you?

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Thank you for getting back with me - I appreciate it. I'm hoping the GI sheds more light on this. I did go to the ER today and they did a CT scan of my abdomen and nothing of significance was found. They chalked it up to a "weird virus". This isn't helping me much, but at least this is ruling out some issues. The bloodwork at the hospital pointed to anemia due to lack of Vitamin B so that was a bit surprising since I've been getting the injections. I have a suspicion this was all building up. I will look into the type of Vitamin B for sure.

I do know that each week, there is about a 10% improvement compared to the prior week but it's still difficult to function.