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Where can I go from here?

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Thank you, I made an appointment request with Bonati. I currently reside in Georgia, but I would travel anywhere for just a little relief at this point.

I believe you're right about being able to live pain free, it is so hard finding a doctor willing to investigate.

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Bonati might give you an idea of what procedures would be helpful. He is really just part of the search. He's an easy, free beginning. I'm pretty sure he's not the one. But there are lots of them. I met a doctor at Stanford https://www.atlantafunctionalmedicine.com/about-us/meet-dr-board/ I mention her because she is in Georgia and because she was wonderful. I'd just been to a pain specialist with my Mom who said--I don't know what you expect me to do. I can't give you a new spine. Days later Dr Board looked at the same MRI and said--there is so much that we can do.
You have a 15 degree curvature, but with scoliosis we always have some torque. In the thoracic it can displace the ribs. It is more uncomfortable than painful. I could see a chiropractor every day. The adjustments don't last, but they do provide relief for me and they keep the curve from advancing which it does as we age. The chiropractors I see aren't scoliosis experts. But check out Clear Scoliosis.
You don't mention massage, but it can be helpful if you get someone to work the muscles close to the spine on the inside of the curve. The muscles on the outside are stretched and weak.
Orthopedists aren't so interested because the curve would have to be 50 degrees in an adult to consider scoliosis surgery. But they can remove bone spurs https://www.atlanticspinecenter.com/blog/v/spinal-bone-spur-removal-and-recovery-time-what-you-should-know/#:~:text=If%20after%206%20to%208,Liu%20says. I don't know anything about this physician but thought his webpage had a good description of the bone spur surgery.