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Where can I go from here?

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There are minimally invasive procedures (surgeries). One would be to have the bone spurs removed. The doctor at this link does a free mri review. You might get several CDs of you MR images to send out.
It is difficult for individuals without pain to understand the intensity and the ramifications. You should not spend the rest of your life burdened by deep pain. Pain is very, very isolating.
If you haven't been seen by a university pain clinic, you might consider doing so.
I have only mild scoliosis. If someone told me scoliosis doesn't cause pain, I'd laugh before running away.
Your list of possible sources of pain is interesting. You need a thorough workup and then may need several minimally invasive procedures. You might choose the pain that is the worst to investigate first.
It sounds like you haven't tried radiofrequency of the medial branch nerves in the thoracic at the curve. Usually they do a lidocaine/steroid test to see if the facets are the source.
I think there will be relief for you, it's just finding it.
Wishing you luck.

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Thank you, I made an appointment request with Bonati. I currently reside in Georgia, but I would travel anywhere for just a little relief at this point.

I believe you're right about being able to live pain free, it is so hard finding a doctor willing to investigate.