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I have had long Covid since Dec 2020. Then got Covid again last year and also last month. I think the isolation and loneliness is the hardest thing for me. Are any of you interested in starting a zoom support group? While connecting on this forum can be helpful, it really doesn’t do anything for my isolation. I can set it up if anyone is interested. I’ve facilitated a support group with NAMI for many years

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Yes--I agree I would love to be part of this group if possible. Thanks. Fran

Hi..I am interested in a long covid support group..yep..the isolation and loneliness is so real..plus there are alot of those that do not believe this syndrome is for real..if they had it, they would believe us. Alot of people and medical professionals do not get it. I do not like how we are treated. I have seen a few providers lately that were rude and did not care one bit about what I was dealing with on a daily basis. One provider asked me why I was there when he walked in the room...he had this sick looking grin on his face..I was there to have a followup due to my brain anuerysm. He said it was no big deal..How would he like it if he had a time bomb in his head. Thanks for your post. Kitty2

Zoom group sounds interesting!
Keep us posted-- And thanks!