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Hi! Thank you for sending the article, this is the one I had read and found so interesting. I have my 6 month scans next month and this is something I want to talk to my NET doctor about. I have over 30 tumors on my liver (primary in small intestine) and unfortunately I'm not a candidate for surgery. I was wondering if this might be something that would work on me.

Stay tuned, I will post once I get information.

Have a great day!!!

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I think histotripsy is pretty exciting. Watch the videos on it. Yes, it was just approved for liver tumors so far, but is also being researched for tumors in other areas. I'm meeting with my interventional radiologist next week to discuss my 6 month scans. He successfully performed microwave ablation to destroy my largest lung NET (2.6 cm). I'm going to ask him if he has been involved with histotripsy at all and his thoughts on it as compared to various types of thermal ablation. He told me my tumor was the largest he had even destroyed using microwave ablation and he was thrilled it was successful. I'll post anything interesting if he is familiar with histotripsy. Thanks to everyone for sharing links and info.

I too am not a candidate for surgery and hopeful about this revelation. Thanks.

Thanks for your post. My situation is very similar to yours. I look forward to reading your post after you talk to your NET doctor.