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Uneven leg length after hip replacement

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I'm also dealing with deep tissue pain in hip that was replaced. My thought was damage during surgery; for me it's been 5 yrs since hip replacement and my pain is worsening down my leg to the knee.
A yr earlier I had opposite ankle replacement and surgeon inadvertently severed tendon to my big toe. (But repaired that). Needless to say my balance, gait are way off, with PT it improves, however, I'm looking for some more permanent form of relief for the pain coming from hip replacement.

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I have a real dilemma. It took five surgeries for one hip revision.... The first surgery, the ball slipped off of the cup. The second surgery replaced that one, but I ended up with staff infection and had to go through a third surgery to take all of my hardware out and put spacers in. Could not walk at all for 7 weeks. Another surgery to put the hip products back in. That did not go well, so a fifth surgery was done. I am not young anymore and I'm feeling very tired from all of the surgeries that went from March of 2023 through September of 2023.
The fifth surgery is the final but I have a huge dilemma, in that my foot and knee are pointed straight outwards at 90°. My femur is stuck outward, as well. I am crippled at this point in my left leg. About 2 inches shorter now as well. So much of the bone needed to be cut off to replace the stem over and over again.
The surgeon has sent my information via a recommendation and referral to the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville. But I have yet to hear from them. I have had my back rebuilt and would like the surgeon to help me with that area as well. I'm hopeful they could help me with my left leg
Have any of you ever endured that many surgeries to get it right. And most importantly, have your hip surgeries lead to a foot that point outward at 90°? I am so disappointed. I was a well man before this started

I wonder if the replacement mechanism is correctly working? In real life, without the replacement, my hip joint will get painful and then it inflames the surrounding muscle. I take Magnesium, massage the area, use microwaveable heat or cold packs and elevate both legs against the wall for about 20 minutes. I agree it is a lot. If you have an old mattress, consider replacing it and adding a 3", 3lb topper. More support might help.