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I have 3+4 6 less in 5 % in one core my urologist wants to operate my radiologist said I could watch it or he could do 5 radiation treatments I went to a 3rd doc he wanted to put me on casodex. I am 72 I’ve been watching it for a year I got a appointment at Mayo from a srcond opinion it makes it hard to decide what to do when every doc you see tells you something different

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My mistake 3+3 =6

Look through the Prostate Cancer Research Institute videos on YouTube regarding monitoring for 3+4 Gleason 6. You may find some useful information.
You will get good recommendations from MAYO.
At some point you need to make your own decision and accept it.
Each Cancer is unique. Each decision has consequences.
It's difficult to work through the mental anxiety and confusion.
Remember that when we choose we trade on probability of outcomes that happen in the future.
Get the best advice and
Allow that unknowns are part of the experience.
And decide based on the best set of facts.

For myself, watching cancer grow within my body would be a difficult choice. I am currently 15 years younger, but pray that at 72 I will still be active and living life to its fullest. If you address Gleason 6 (3/3) cancer, BCR percentages are quite low, giving you a great chance of a prostate cancer free life.

Good luck with your Mayo appointment!


Rice: Although doctors dedicate their lives to helping people, they are not infallible. They suggest, many times, what their success has been which is not necessarily the best choice for you. When I was making a choice for myself (I had 3+4 and 10.2 psa), with 5 RO opinions including one that said hormone therapy, I decided no to hormone therapy because of side effects and went for targeted narrow margin radiation to protect healthy tissue. I got the decipher test using the biopsy material which is good for a year, to get an idea of aggressiveness and doctors DO use the test to evaluate your treatment. I did not want my prostate removed because of potential side effects and 20-30% chance of biological re-occurrence. Do your research on radiation machines, margins and side effects. Your getting another opinion with Mayo so that's good.

I am in same situation.
AndO agree - every MD has a different opinion