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Hello @kaw627 and welcome to the NETs support group on Mayo Connect. I did find some information about the use of histotripsy on the University of Michigan's website. Here is the link to that information.

Has this treatment been recommended for NETs?

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Hi! Thank you for sending the article, this is the one I had read and found so interesting. I have my 6 month scans next month and this is something I want to talk to my NET doctor about. I have over 30 tumors on my liver (primary in small intestine) and unfortunately I'm not a candidate for surgery. I was wondering if this might be something that would work on me.

Stay tuned, I will post once I get information.

Have a great day!!!

LACNETS is sponsoring a presentation on 12/09 by An IR who specializes in all noninvasive treatment of liver mets. Go to LACNET.org to sign up for dec2023. This dr has incredible credentials and over 60 articles etc. She is also very aware of the sound wave technology/

Good luck to us all am advocating for my second embolization left lobe fast but ran into roadblock with an ulcer etc and some ascites time is of the essence. working on raising my albumin.