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Great comments above. I am a big advocate for removing the prostate when cancer is detected. There are obvious exceptions --> Those with other serious health conditions, advanced age, metastasized PC, etc... After my research, I went with a radical prostatectomy at Mayo-Rochester last year and I am very happy with my decision (most men will say this with whatever treatment they chose 🙂 ). I looked at other treatments, but could not justify the potential of leaving unknown cancer cells in my body - With my robotic RP, the prostate and seminal vesicles were removed (plus 9 lymph nodes for me) and a full pathology was performed to determine margins. With alternate treatments, they believe the cancer has been treated, but there is no physical evidence. For me, this was very important, I wanted to know if the cancer had been addressed to the best of my ability - Fortunately, pathology showed the cancer was contained to my prostate and outlook is good. Unfortunately, cancer is cancer, and reoccurrence can always occur.

Personally, I struggle with the statement "don't worry, prostate cancer is slow growing, you will probably die from something else". Obviously, there are exceptions when you have other serious medical conditions and you know your lifespan is limited. However, if you are in your 70's and the doctor tells you something else will kill you, he is probably basing this on the average life expectancy (77 for us in USA). This age includes all of those that have abused their bodies with drugs, heavy alcohol use, no exercise, over-eating, getting your food from the center of the grocery store (processed food), difficult jobs, etc... For myself, I work to stay in shape and I pray for a much longer life (it is my hope, only God knows) - To not do everything possible to fight the cancer is like giving up.

My opinions are simply opinions. Everyone has to do their own research and base their decision on their individual circumstances. If someone (doctors included) tells you that there is only one treatment possible for your situation, you should probably get a 2nd/3rd opinion. The only rule set in stone, you MUST utilize a center of excellence (like Mayo-Rochester) to address your prostate cancer. To utilize a local doctor because of a relationships or travel inconvenience is not a wise move.

Good luck to everyone in making your decision and ultimate treatment!!


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