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Interstitial Cystitis

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Thanks for all this info. So very helpful. I use olive leaf for BP management. Will check into oregano. Can you share a bit more about the vaginal estrogen? My provider RXd estradiol and I’m not too confident on this approach due to known risks.

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The oregano is Oreganol ( brand). I was given Estrace cream for a long time. That is Estradiol a better form of bio identical estrogen. I found the Brand name to be better than the Generic so I got my insurance to allow it but I still paid a hefty fee out of pocket. ( but worth it) However it was unopposed estrogen .
I had thickening of the lining of the uterus so I went to see a Naturopath doctor and he prescribed C-Estriol 1mg/Prog20mg/GM CREA. He treats the whole body and I had a tone of bloodwork. I had them put it in a pump style delivery system. I use a little tab in the morning and evening and just use my finger to place it. That is what my script says. Your doctor should make it work for you. If not, find a good compounding pharmacy in your area and they can tell you who prescribes things like this to them and go see a different doctor or ask your doctor to learn from the pharmacy how to prescribe it. ( This advise is not intended to treat your specific situation just mine ). Feel free to reach out if you have anymore questions. I am so thankful for those who have shared info for me.