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Similar story with me. Last November I was 69 and had one (of 14) biopsy core diagnosed with 4+3 =7 and all imaging made it seem completely contained within the prostate. I got three unanimous opinions and the one that convinced me was the radiation specialist. She said if her husband had my results, she would tell him to have his prostate removed. My situation allowed for great confidence in removing all the cancer once and for all. Yes, there would be side effects, but those could be dealt with. So, three months later (on my 70th birthday) I underwent RALP and my PSA's have been negligible and steady ever since. For that I am happy with my choice. However, I was deluded by all the YouTube videos by men who went through this. They had me convinced that in just a few weeks all the side effects would be gone. They were wrong. It has been 8 months and the incontinence has reduced a lot, but it is by no means gone. I am undergoing Pelvic Floor PT now, and getting many exercises that should help me get drier. If you choose surgery, pay great attention to getting your Pelvic Floor in the best shape possible.

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Your side effects were one of the reasons I chose proton radiation at Mayo Phoenix at age 73. My first 3 month PSA was less than .1 and they told me it was undetectable and to come back in 6 months. If it holds off a reoccurrence for 15 years that puts me at 89. Age has a lot to do with men's choices as to treatment.

tomf, I had proton radiation but side affects was leaking after urninating and not being able to hold urine when really needing to go.

Can I asked what the PT was that they gave you to do? I see others also mention these exercises and how it helped them.

This is "off topic".
Tom, I'm 70 years old and I have never been any sort of mechanic. When my washing machine developed problems 5 years ago I thought that I could fix it by relying on You Tube videos. Big mistake! I ended up ruining both the washer and the dryer.
Now I spend 2 hours a week at the laundromat. It's OK, I do like to read!