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Does laying down make your neuropathy worse?

Neuropathy | Last Active: Oct 15, 2023 | Replies (12)

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@delia74 Good for you! My belief is to concentrate on what you can do and not what you can't do. And, it seems to me that you also do the same. You said get up "and do something"...to me, that is the key and to keep moving in some fashion is necessary. Like you and many others on this site, I live with back and knee pain each day. However, I have learned to cope with it and work within my abilities and try not to do things that increase the neuropathy. Ok, so I'm not on a trampoline anymore but I manage to do what I can. Glad to see you do the same. Be well, keep moving. Ed

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Gracias, NJ Ed🌺.
You gave up the trampoline, and I gave up belly-dancing (a LONG time ago!).🤣
Seriously, I had moves in my youth that no way could be done today .
I thank my 75 yr old body for the all the things I USED to do: Middle Eastern dance, aerobics instructor for pre-teens, fast-paced walking (I do miss that), all the walking while chaperoning my students all over Spain and Portugal, and so much more. I treasure those memories.

As an aside, all of those activities (and exercise) paid off. After bone density and MRI testing, I was told that I have "...the bone density of a 25 yr old." Made me feel good! I had a horrific fall onto concrete floor (warehouse store negligence) and not one fracture. Serious issues like torn meniscus, tendon tears, and more, but orthopedists and radiologists indicated not one fracture, just one "bone bruise" in the knee.

Wishing you the best🌺 and days with less pain.