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Wait time for appt?

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May I ask the cost estimate for hotel for the week? I assume health insurance will pay for medical tests but I am trying to figure expenses even before I get an appointment. Thank you.

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I'm sorry, I'm not sure. I have seen hotels ranging from $80 per night, to over $200.

I contacted them at the end of November and my appointment was in January 2019.
I stayed at the Kahler hotel both times and was very happy with them. Since it had been 4 years I would suggest you call Mayo for recommendations or Google several for pricing since i am sure prices have gone up. I didn't have a car so parking wasn't a problem.
All of my medical with the exception of one blood test was covering by my insurance.
Again it depends on who you have your insurance with. Mine was Medicare with a supplement .
I hope all goes well with your visit and you get the answers and treatment to help you.

Consider this link published by Mayo Clinic when the siding about places to stay. There are nice little booklets with all the places to stay in the approximate cost using dollar signs. There are still inexpensive places to stay in town if you don't mind using the shuttle to go to and from the clinic and don't need a chef prepared breakfast. There is generally something that fits every budget.


Good evening @hkjp. I don't know about all the hotels within walking distance of the Mayo Gonda building. We always stay at the one that connects to the Mayo through the underground walkways. They have special prices for Mayo patients. And the prices are dependent upon the size of the bed and the location of the room. I also don't know if the prices are seasonal. It might be worth a phone call or an online connection to find out.

May you have peace and contentment.