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Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself

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Hi, my name is Warren. I have dry eye disease, whose cause has yet to be determined (after 6 years). I don’t have pain in the sense of “hurt”, but I do have it in the sense of irritation that is constant any time I have my eyes open. For that reason it seems I am more similar and sympathetic to people who have chronic pain than other types of disorders. People do not understand how it feels to constantly have sand in your eyes, or large foreign objects, and burning, and when one looks–there’s nothing there! When I leave home or go outdoors, I find that wearing a snug-fitting pair of high-school chemistry lab goggles help keep my eyes from drying out so fast helps, but it is humiliating, and you should hear the comments some people make! I’ve said enough for now, but I am so glad to be part of this group. I hope I can help some of you. Thanks. Warren

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Warren, hi I’m Sharon. My mom has Ben dealing with eye issues for a few years. She was on blood thinners for her heart, sometimes this causes blood to pool in your eye. That’s a tough one cause u use your eyes anytime you are awake! That can’t be pleasent !! Glad u found our group keep us posted. Welcome. sharonmay7

Warren did you ever have any problem with that eye? Your pain almost sounds like phantom pain which is one of the kinds of pain I have. But my understanding of this type of pain you should have had some type of problem with your eye, not necessarily a loss, but something? 19lin

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Frank1, Warren, wear your goggles with your head held high and with a smile. Being diffren isnt something to be ashamed of, some people are just afraid of things they dont understand, thats why you hear the comments. Thats why its good not to judge anyone because we dont know what they are going through, are what sicknesses people are suffering from. A smile and a kind word goes a long way. Have a very blesses day!! salena54

Hi Warren, my name is briansr. Your symptoms sound like Sjogrens syndrome
an autoimmune disease. I was diagnosed with this, sarcoidosis, EMGUS,
fibromyalgia by a very good rheumatologist years ago. My mom had rheumatoid
arthritis, lupus, and Sjogrens syndrome. Find a good rheumatologist, he is
she might help.

Dear Salena54: Thanks for your encouragement about the goggles! Best,

I also have dry eyes but am not hurting like you are. Do you use Restatis? Sometimes at night I use an eye lubricant to relieve the burning. You probably are doing all this already.

Whoever you are talking to about dry eyes, I just had tubes put in mine
that last 6 months relieving the situation. these tubes are put in near the
tear ducts (no pain at all) and they squeeze the ducts so one gets the
natural lubrication. they are great, and medicare pays for it by your eye
dr. ladyjane86

I have also had the tubes in my tear ducts and have had them for a long time. Not sure if I remember how they felt before.

They have to be replaced in 6 months – ao good….

Hi Warren, I’m Renee. I also had dry eyes like yours for approximately 15 years. I heard that some of my medications could be causing this, but passed it off as allergies and getting older. I’m 66. I was on amitriptyline as one of my pain meds.. to help me sleep. I started to develop heart arrhythmia right after taking it, so I stopped. What I discovered was my eyes were not as dry! So if you are on any medications, check the side effects. Maybe they can replace with another drug.
I still use Refresh PM eye gel at night. I swear by it! I also continue to use Refresh artificial tears for day. I found the REFRESH brand works best for me. In the winter I also use a humidifier by my bed.
Sorry to hear of your eye issues. I know how bad it can get, but what I have and still use has helped tremendously! Good luck!

I’m thankful for Refresh, as well, @reneewise50, and use gel at night and lubricant during the day, as you do. The only difference is that it doesn’t seem to matter to my eyes what brand I use. Equate, from Walmart, is what I use now, as it’s the cheapest. Living on Social Security Disability, cheap is good – most of the time. I started using it when my ophthalmologist told me that my dry eyes were the probable cause of double vision. I still have double vision, but my eyes do feel better. Maybe the cataract surgery I’m having next month will help that.


Hi Frank my name is Joan. I too have dry eye syndrome. It can be very painful and bothersome. Every four hrs eye moisture drops and I refuse to get eye plugs. Medications also can dry the eyes out. My doctor has me do an eye “wash”. A warm cloth, place at the eyelid for 30 seconds, and it allows the moisture from between the eyelashes also to moisten the eyes.That surprised me and it helps. I do it 2x/day. He said to keep using the drops. I had uveitis years ago in 1993 and was told it was from arthritis (which I hardly had and was young). Hope you find answers. They do have longer acting eye drops to keep the eyes moist.

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