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Wow, I don't really have a clue-- really sorry about that.

Paxlovid helped me a lot. Maybe give it a try, if you haven't already.

I recently saw a podcast from the American Medical Association during which a doctor (from Yale?) said it's really important NOT to over-do physical and mental activity. Something they are calling post-exertion malaise, I think. Typical physical and mental activities-- that usually would increase endurance in healthy people-- are actually too strenuous for Covid patients.

When my husband and I both had Covid in 2020, we thought we were relapsing when we were probably over-doing activities as soon as we felt a little better. The podcast information corresponds to our experience at least.

Post exertion malaise does apply to mental activities, too. I've heard more about the physical exertion side than the mental.

If you have the money, maybe pay for everything you can. Like, get prepared meals and groceries delivered; get laundry done at laundromat; get a house cleaner, dog walker, etc. That way you can make room for more rest for yourself and more room for your wife to pick up your mental activities and so she doesn't get burnt out. Maybe you can afford it for a few months?

Apparently, you have to take the tiniest of baby steps forward to make progress and to avoid regressing.

One great resource for me was the nurse from my health insurance company-- who would have thought the company would actually help? The nurse might be able to take over some of your thinking and researching about health issues.

Best wishes,

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Thanks, Anne for responding. One of my doctors has told me to go easy on exertion, mental and physical. She even recommended that I take several months off work. That is where I convinced her that going part time may help; not sure it is helping. I used to be a competitive bicycle racer as well as a marathon runner. I now can barely ride over 20 miles and at a very slow pace compared to how I used to ride. I'm really struggling with my lack of ability to do much of anything.